FORMAT: Opportunity Marley Starskey Butler (Detalle)

FORMAT: OpportunityAplicaciones Abierta 2021/2022

FORMAT in partnership with GRAIN (Birmingham) and QUAD (Derby) are delighted to announce the new iteration of their successful East Meets West masterclass programme, which will take place online.

The masterclass programme is for emerging photographers and offers professional development, inspiration, guidance and support in a collaborative learning environment in order to allow photographers to develop their practice, networks and new unique opportunities.

The programme will offer a platform for participants to receive guidance and participate in focussed discussions that will make a difference to their work and contribute to their career development.

The online sessions will be led by industry and art form leaders who will share their knowledge and practical advice on developing a successful career.

Deadline for applications: Midnight 15th August 2021. Please send your applications to

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