"Passion and Opportunity" Foto: Mariano Manikis

"Passion and Opportunity"Sobre el Festival de la Luz por Alasdair Foster

Photography is the medium of our age. More people are engaged in making photographs than any other visual form. Photographic images surround us every day. New festivals of photography begin every year. They help us come to understand the medium in a deeper way, while sharing the best it has to offer from around the world. But the challenge of any festival is that it is located in one place. It deals with a medium that is everywhere, but a festival, it seems, must always be somewhere.

In Argentina, one of the world’s longest continuously running photographic festivals has expanded the concept to engage not just one city but a whole country. The festival is manifest in a network of exhibitions and events in many parts of the vast nation in the southern cone of Latin America. From the high dry plateaux of Jujuy in the north to the sub-polar chill of Tierra del Fuego in the Southern Ocean, the exhibitions span more than 3,300 kilometres. By Alasdair Foster

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