Convocatoria "CAP Prize" CAP Prize

Convocatoria "CAP Prize"Fotografía Contemporánea

Call for entries: Ninth edition of the CAP Prize, the Contemporary African Photography Prize

The Contemporary African Photography Prize (CAP Prize) is open for entries to its ninth edition. The prize is directed at photographers whose work engages with the African continent or its diaspora. The five winning entries will be showcased in a series of exhibitions produced in collaboration with major photography festivals in Africa and the rest of the world with the aim of raising the profile of African photography.

The CAP Prize aims to raise the profile of African photography within the arts and to encourage a rethinking of the image of Africa. Each year five winners are selected by an internationally sourced panel of judges, enabling the promotion of African photography worldwide. The CAP Prize is open to artists of any age and descent. Submitted photo series must consist of a minimum of 10, but may not exceed 25 images. The call closes on 7 February 2020. There is no entry fee.

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